Biology questions

Question 1. a. List four cell structures that were common to both plant and animal cells. (4 points) b. What structures were unique to plant cells? (2 points) c. What structures were unique to animal cells? (2 points Where in the cell are the chloroplasts located? (5 points) The student is observing a single-celled organism under a microscope and notice that it has a nucleus and is covered in small hair-like structures. a. Provide a probable name for this organism (1 point) b.Explain why the student came to this conclusion. (2 points) a. Explain what would happen to a freshwater unicellular organism if it were suddenly released into a saltwater environment. Use the terms isotonic hypotonic and hypertonic in the answer. (3 points) b. What would happen if a marine organism were placed in freshwater? (3 points)The student purchases and weighs five pounds of carrots from a local grocery store. The student notices that the grocery store constantly sprays its produce with distilled water. After returning home the student weighs the carrots again and discovers that they weigh only 4.2 lbs. They also no longer seem as crisp and taut. Provide a possible explanation for why they weighed more at the store People always say that leeches can be removed from the body by pouring salt on them. Based on what the student learned about osmosis provide an explanation that supports or refutes this information. While watching a special on animals the student discovers that hares tend to lose heat through their ears. Based on this and what the student knows about surface-to-volume ratios propose an explanation as to why hares that live in hot climates (such as the desert) have large extended ears. (5 points)

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