Bitcoin Price Prediction

  • Abstract
  • Introduction

Talk about bitcoin and the importance of predict the price.

Brief describe what I will do and what I will analyze to predict the price.

  • Literature Review
  • Methodology

Mainly about all models be used in this paper to get the best one (with lowest error). I will build some forecasting models and regression models to get the best one.

  • Forecasting models

Describe step by step about what I did in R to build what kind of models, brief analyze each model I have and focus on the best one.

  • Regression models

Same as forecasting, but all models in this part is regression models.

  • Discussion

Compare the best forecasting model and the best regression model to get a best one overall. Clearly describe this model and it’s benefit and drawbacks.

  • Conclusion

What I get from all these analysis?

How important it is?

Uses of the best model.

Bitcoin future market. (good or bad)


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