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According to the Foot Bridge Client Brief (Appendix A), you will design a bridge with the given specifications. This assignment consists of producing the mathematical evidence to calculate the strength of the members of one side of this bridge. Your first task is to investigate bridge designs that you think are appropriate for this task. Bridges are very important structures and whether you are going to pursue a structural engineering career or not, this project will catapult you into the world of engineers. If you have done the 1007ENG Engineering Fundamentals project already, or are doing it this semester, you may use your scaled design as your guide for your calculations. If your are doing this project in the future this assignment will help you with many of the tasks. Once you have researched the designs, you need to produce a 2-Dimensional space sketch or graph of your own design that meets the specifications given in appendix A. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You may even go as far as using a CAD program (if you know how), or your own hand drawn, neat and tidy, design, which you have scanned and added to your document. However, you need to describe the exact length, height and weight of your bridge (reasonable approximations are acceptable), the number of truss sections and the amount of weight, it needs to support. You can ignore dynamic load (research what this means). The design will be assessed on calculations’ accuracy and not on its appearance, however it must be readable, or it will not count. Your second task is to calculate, using vectors and the Method of joints, the static load of your 2D sketch, which includes the Net-force on each joint, also known as internal member force. You will need to consider the specifications given carefully and make sure you include the weight of the people and track in your calculations. You may assume the weight of the people is in the middle of the bridge for your calculations if you like. Make sure you state clearly the assumptions made for your design. Your final task is to produce a report clearly showing all the tasks mentioned above. This has to be typed as per the instructions given in the guidelines at the start of this document, and submitted to Turnitin.

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