business intelligence a2

Task 1 (Worth 30 marks)


Research and critically review the relevant literature to determine how organisations can place a value on their data assets and maintain governance over their data assets in order to provide a suitable written response to each of the following sub-tasks supported with an appropriate level of in-text referencing:

Task 1.1 Describe how organisations can place a valuation on their data assets using an infonomics approach. In your answer make sure you provide a comprehensive definition of infonomics and identify and explain two different approaches that organisations could use for placing a valuation on data assets (About 750 words)

Task 1.2 Choose a large organisation within Australia that is publicly listed on Australia Stock market and that you believe is already actively engaged in the Information Age. Conduct desktop research by analysing their security and privacy policy statements available on their website and discuss how governance of security and privacy of data is addressed in this organisation drawing on the nine core principles of theAustralian Data Governance Draft Code of Practice :-

  1. No-harm rule
  2. Honesty & transparency
  3. Fairness
  4. Choice
  5. Accuracy and access
  6. Accountability
  7. Stewardship
  8. Security
  9. Enforcement


To guide your analysis and discussion (about 1250 words).

You may also find it useful for Task 1 to review the following National Press Club presentation by

Professor Graeme Samuel (former Chair of ACCC) on Data Governance is: Your Data: balancing act of consumer protection and benefit of data innovation :-


Principle DGA’s Say Super Retail Group’s take
No-harm rule
Honesty & Transparency
Accuracy & Access
Safety, Security, & De-identification


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