business marketing

textbook: essentials of marketing research 2nd edition

1)      Imagine you are a marketing research consultant.  Identify and explain 3 types of marketing research studies discussed in chapter 1.  100 word minimum

2)      Discuss fully the ethical issues associated with marketing research discussed in chapter 1.  100 word minimum.

3)      Imagine you are a marketing research consultant.  Identify and explain the major components of your research proposal discussed in chapter 2 100 word minimum.

4)      Define secondary data and discuss the relevant issues from chapter 3.  100 word minimum, not maximum.

5)      Discuss the differences between a focus group and in-depth interview from chapter 4.  100 word minimum

6)      Describe in detail the different types of survey methods discussed in chapter 5.  100 word minimum

Demonstrate your understanding of the chapter concepts by answering the following questions regarding the Santa Fe Grill continuing case.  Identify and define the relevant concepts.  Use facts from the case to support your point of view.

7)      Chapter 6: Refer back to the case at the end of chapter 6 on page 145 and pages 132 and 140.  Imagine you are a marketing research consultant for the Santa Fe Grill.  Explain why you would recommend a probability or non-probability sampling method to survey the Santa Fe Grill customers regarding their new menu initiative.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both probability and non-probability sampling methods.

8)      Discuss how the potential respondents should be selected for the Santa Fe Grill survey.  In other words, based on the case explain which data collection method you would recommend.  Chapter 6

9)      Explain the four levels of scales discussed in chapter 7 and give an example of each.

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