Business Modelling, Supply Chain/Operations and Procurement/Logisitcs

I need your help in a kind of confusing and complicated task, it is about a 7,000 word (plus/minus 10%) case study, which is divided into three parts (appr. 2,300 words each), which are the following:
1. Business Modelling
2. Supply Chain Management and Operations
3. Procurement and Logistics

So far so good, the task paper mixes subject nr 2 and 3 a little bit, the second task is about procurement, the third task is not (as expected) logistics, it is Supply Chain Management.. The fourth task is Operations and the fifth task is Logistics, it will be clear to you once you ve seen the task paper, just as a reminder, an overview of the tasks in the paper together with the subject they belong to:
1. Business Modelling (Business Modelling)
2. Procurement (Procurement and Logistics)
3. Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain Management and Operations)
4. Operations (Supply Chain and Operations)
5. Logistics (Procurement and Logistics)
I hope I didn’t confuse you but as every subject of the three is marked by a different person, it will be essential that each subjected has to stand alone in a certain way, even if all the three subjects are part of a whole coherent paper.
So all in all there has to be an introduction, which will give an overview about what will be written about in the case study, the body of the paper (main part) will consist of the answering of the five tasks (Start with business modelling, go on with procurement and logistics (task 5) and lastly Supply Chain and Operations) and a conclusion which will summarise the answering and outcome of the paper.
Attached you will find the notes of the three subjects, they are the basis to answer the questions. As it isn’t possible to cite out of the notes, the writer has to mention 7-10 sources in every of the three parts.
Regarding formatting and citing I also will attach a microsoft word template (“template”), which will help the writer to use the right format, which is very important as well. Once you hopefully accepted my inquiry, I will send you further documents, consisting of a blank power point presentation and also some excel sheets etc.
The writer can use the SCOR Model as the basis of the whole case study, as the topic is about a company which wants to produce and sell a good in a new market, the writer will know what I am talking about 😀
If there are any questions feel free to contact me, I will help you in terms of further questions as much as I can.

Thank you very much and best regards,



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