Business Processes Management

Business Processes Management Express in a paragraph of not more than 6 lines a statement of your research topic. In a separate paragraph, provide an outline of what you are going to say about the topic. Gathering the Evidence: (a) Do a search in Google to identify a document with academic ranked journals. Identify the top five journals in the discipline where your topic falls. (b) Access any of the electronic data bases such as EBSCO, Proquest or Emerald and search for articles on the topic using key words included in the paragraph above. (c) Once you have selected a couple of articles on your topic, go to the list of references in the articles and “follow leads”. (d) evaluate the articles (resources) according to relevance (Is the context sufficiently different to make it marginal to your research? and currency (how recent is the article?) and other criteria e.g. have you seen references to this article or authors in other articles that were useful? Is the article published in one of the top journals? Writing: (a) Take the two or three articles you have found in the previous literature search and perform an annotated bibliography as suggested in “Guidelines to conduct a literature review” in folder session 1. (b) write about 500 words on the differences and similarities of two or three articles that you obtained in your search and explain why these differences are important. In other words, e.g. is it relevant to know that the authors differ in their definitions of the concepts under study? How do they differ? What are the implications of the differences? Do the same analysis for other parts in the article such as Methodology (e.g. sample selection, size, statistical tools used? Scales used? Items (measures) used in the questionnaire?

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