Business Research and Analysis -CHP1- Research Project Proposal

In this module you will begin by selecting a company that you are interested in researching.
Using the Rasmussen college online business databases, find a company or organization in a business journal article or a company or organization case study, and then decide on a research project that would suit the company or organization’s goals.
The proposal will contain 5 sections.
Begin your report by completing the following sections:
• Title Page (APA formatted) (1 page)
• Introduction to the research project (Including company industry and background and what the ‘topic’ of the research will be. Also include commentary on any ethical considerations that you expect to encounter) (1 page)
• Problem Statement (or what is your research trying to prove or disprove?) (1 page)
• Research Objectives (or what you hope the results of the research will do for the company) (1 page)
• References (Begin your Reference page, but add to it as needed throughout the life of the project) (1 – 2 pages)
Research project proposals can include:
• A marketing plan for a product
• A survey or poll for a political candidate or organization
• A reorganization of a department or office within a business
• A public relations campaign for a business or organization
• An advertising campaign for a product or service
• A demographic survey of people who use a certain product or service
• A survey to be used by the U.S. Census Bureau to determine population in a certain metropolitan area
• A customer survey to determine feedback from restaurant patrons on the restaurant’s service and quality of the restaurant’s food
• A focus group plan or study for a product or service
• A plan on how to improve inventory flow more effectively and efficiently
• A human resources survey or questionnaire on how to increase employee productivity
• A plan on how to improve customer relationship management (CRM) in a business or organizationP(5.u)           

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