C2: Gender and Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore

C1: Gender and Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore; Brief Response; For the following Discussion Forum topic, you will need to read:; ; For this Discussion Forum (DF): Reply to this header post. In the body of your reply, copy and paste a Brief Response (250 words) that does the following:; Answer the Three Key Questions for Secondary Readings (found in the syllabus) for each reading — one at a time – and pose 2 questions related to the readings for your classmates to engage with in their replies to you.; Your questions may be comprehension questions. For example: “I’m having trouble understanding what Thomas means by the “Angel in the House,” starting on page 81. Can someone help me flesh out that idea?; Or your questions may be prompts for thought. For example: “I am interested in applying the idea of the Deviant Femme to “The Yellow Wallpaper.” What connections do you all see there, if any?”; Yet another example of a question you may pose is: Thomas mainly addresses the way gender works in ghost stories. How do you see gender working in other supernatural stories, such as vampire or zombie stories?; ** Keep in mind: The best questions to ask are HOW and WHY questions. Avoid asking questions that elicit a Yes/No answer. **;

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