Canadian charter of rights essay

-approximately 1000 word essay

-Well-researched argumentative essay using references and with works cited

-For this topic I will be researching whether the charter of rights is applied to the fullest in the case of prisoners in Canada. In this project I will aim to demonstrate that the rights of prisoners aren’t fully protected

1.what is the issue?

2.Who does it affect? a.) The empowered, b.) The oppressed, c.) Lobby groups, Groups with responsibility to protect, etc.

3.The Facts a.) statistics, b.) Statutes & Laws, c.) Cases, d.) Other Primary sources

4.Scholarly or Expert opinions, theories, solutions a.) From experts, b.) From credible organizations, c.) From legal scholars

5. Analysis and thoughts on the future a.) A personal analysis of the issue given all of the above points. Make sure to make your conclusions clearly connected to reasoning that you have provided. Recommendations might be offered at the stage.


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