Capstone project

writer should focus on this for files : Your recommendation also may require a “project” approach, so it almost certainly will need a time line and a budget (for both $$ and “talent” – your best employees are a “scarce resource” and you can’t have any of your best employees assigned to do two jobs at the same time).
And, it must be realistic –> if you think technology can help, what kind of technology, what will it cost, how can it be implemented in a timely way? In terms of technology, assume you have access to today’s technology at today’s prices. However, you also should assume that the existing computer billing system runs on a mainframe, programmed in Cobol (or something similar), designed 30 years ago, and just patched over to cover Y2K issues and minor reporting updates. Direct access to the info on the mainframe can only be had via today’s equivalent of the old “green screen” terminals.
For all other, non-technology costs, assume prices/salaries as given in the case or, if you need something else, circa 1990.


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