Captivity Beyond Prisons: Criminalization Experiences of Latina

1. Book Reflection Essays: 40%
You are asked to write a 600-900 word essay for each of the FIVE assigned books. Essays must be submitted electronically through Canvas. Reading responses will be marked down one point for each two day period that the assignment is late. Student essays should reflect critical thinking, a clear understanding of the readings, historical awareness and analysis of the book’s central themes and ideas, and the ability to connect the readings to your own experiences and to the world around you. Remember that this is not a book review or summary. Instead, you are being asked to examine each book and to form connections to the world around you. Each essay must include the following:1- A concrete connection to the world today and related movements 2- A concrete connection to your own experiences 3- An analysis of the author’s central ideas and your reaction to those ideas 4- Highlighting specific sections of the book in a detailed way, sections that you find stimulating or challenging.
5- Also, relate the to my back ground or to my country. ( I am from Dubai)

An A essay is one where it is clear that the student has completed the reading and reflected on several of the author’s central ideas, relating them to the student’s previous knowledge and life experiences. An A essay explores many different parts of the book.


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