Case Study

One page, double spaced analysis of case study. The case study is in the book, case #35. Cirque Du Soleil (N), text C270 The book is: Dess, G., Lumpkin, G., & Eisner, A. (2016). Strategic management: text and cases (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

The assignment is making "Alternative solutions" of the case study. (Sometimes referred to as alternative solutions.) A minimum of three alternatives and no more than four potential solutions gives the writer the opportunity to put forth options from different categories of solutions; (e.g., cost effective/short term, long term for the greater good, external market impact, internal culture/moral impact, the company’s vision, mission, and objectives, and stakeholder relations). The introduction should re-focus the reader on the problem addressed and lead into the chosen alternatives. A good approach is to provide a succinct sentence followed by a description. Conclude with a statement or two about which alternatives are the most viable, which leads into the next segment, Recommendations.


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