CEG 4422 Secure Computing Pract

CEG 4422/6422 Secure Computing Practices

Fall 2017


Course Overview

This course focuses on learning and applying practices, policies, techniques and technologies to improve the security and usability of today’s digital computing environment. Topics include cryptography, physical security, authentication, access control, software and operating system security, secure wireless connections, covert channels, steganography, honeypots and sandboxes, firewalls, intrusion detection, risk management, legal and ethical issues and privacy. Upon successful completion of this course students will have current knowledge in how to apply the best secure computing practices … knowledge all computer professionals ought to have.



William Stallings &Lawrie Brown, Computer Security Principles and Practice, 3rd edition, Pearson, 2015


Charles Pfleeger, Shari Pfleeger& Jonathan Margulies, Security in Computing, 5th edition, Prentice Hall, 2015


This course consists of in residence and distance students. Therefore we will use the following Pilot discussion forums as one of the primary means to communicate with each other and accomplish course assignments. The News section of the Pilot home page, lectures & email will also be used.

Course Communications & Administration

 _LabTalk– Pilot discussion forum for all things dealing with the Virtual CyberSecurity Lab (VCSL) and labs

 _W_i_l_l_ _u_s_e_ _t_h_i_s_ _t_o_ _p_o_s_t_ _s_t_a_t_u_s_ _o_r_ _a_l_e_r_t_ _m_e_s_s_a_g_e_s_ _d_e_a_l_i_n_g_ _w_i_t_h_ _t_h_e_ _V_C_S_L_ _a_n_d_/_o_r_ _s_p_e_c_i_f_i_c_ _l_a_b_s_ _

 _Students will use this to post all questions regarding labs

 _CourseTalk– for all general questions, issues, etc. affecting the management/running of the class

 _V_o_l_u_n_t_a_r_y_ _p_a_r_t_i_c_i_p_a_t_i_o_n_ _b_y_ _s_t_u_d_e_n_t_s_ _t_o_ _b_e_ _u_s_e_d_ _o_n_ _a_n_ _a_s_ _n_e_e_d_e_d_ _b_a_s_i_s_ _



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