Chapter 01 The Investment Setting

Question 41. When comparing returns by decade the Ibbotson study shows that small company stocks outperformed large company stocks in every decade since the 1920s. True False 42. Those who attempt to engage in short-term market tactics are termed traders. True False 43. Research has shown that it is not that difficult to beat the market on a risk-adjusted basis. True False 44. Liquidity can be measured by the ability of the investor to convert an investment into cash within a relatively long period of time at its fair book value. True False 45. Real assets because of increasing replacement value and scarcity tend to perform better than financial assets during periods of high inflation. True False 46. One of the problems that investors face in determining required rates of return is forecasting errors involving interest rates and inflation. True False 47. Every investment requires a total return comprised of a real rate of return compensation for inflationary expectations and a risk premium. True False 48. Beta measures a security’s return relative to the market. True False

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