Chapter 1 Introduction

Question 1. The choice of foreign location at times generates unique benefits for the organization referred to as: global efficiency. location advantages. local responsiveness. foreign direct investment. entrepreneurship. 2. Google locates its computer-server farms the technological backbone of its massive Internet services close to _____ that produce hydroelectric power because it is one of the cheapest sources of electricity. solar power stations urban centers dams wind farms thermal power stations 3. _____ is the organization or agency through which a political unit exercises its authority controls and administers public policy and directs and controls the actions of its members or subjects. The government NGO The World Social Forum The World Economic Forum Rotary International 4. The _____ is an agreement signed by the governments of the United States Canada and Mexico to create a trade bloc in North America to reduce or eliminate tariffs among the member countries and thus facilitate trade. G-3 Free Trade Agreement Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Central American Integration System North American Free Trade Agreement Pacific Accord 5. The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement aimed at: reducing poverty by 2050. eliminating tariff barriers in agricultural products. merging the economies of East Asia. combating global warming among participating countries. ensuring inclusive economic growth for all member countries. 6. The _____ is an agreement between participating governments and companies to eliminate child labor in the production of soccer balls in Pakistan. Atlanta Agreement Cancun Agreement Aarhus Convention Alpine Convention Bonn Agreement 7. _____ include(s) any nonprofit voluntary citizens? groups that are organized on a local national or international level. The International Monetary Fund Government organizations Nongovernmental organizations The World Economic Forum The World Trade Organization 8. Globalization actually fostered the development of NGOs because: governments sponsored NGO activity to undermine rival countries. international social activism became much more profitable. c. many problems could not be solved within a single nation. economic colonization undermined the authority of the national governments. international social activism became much more visible.

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