Chapters 7-9 of Things Fall Apart

Chapters 7-9 of Things Fall Apart
Consider the Higher Order Concerns for Textual Analysis and your reading of Things Fall Apart thus far. How has diction affected the tone of Achebe’s novel so far? Is the language figurative? Explain. How has this choice affected the tone of this novel’s beginning? Do the words seem specific or general? Do they contain connotations? Be specific and cite text in your 250-word response. Post it to the Discussion Board.
What potential devices stand out to you in these two readings? You might begin by considering a line, a sentence, or an image that resonated with you; even if you do not know the term for the device being used, you probably noted the element because it contains an effective device at work. Cite the text and discuss why the element is powerful to you.     ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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