Choose any business, profession or industry for which you would like to be owner or CEO.

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  1. Discuss the service culture you would create and why it is important to your business. (min. 200 words).
  2. Discuss the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication skills with customers. Give at least one specific example. (min. 200 words).
  3. Explain the importance of listening skills for your particular business. Give at least one example. (min. 200 words).
  4. Give two examples of  service breakdowns that are common in your business.  Explain how would you handle these breakdowns (min 400 words).
  5. Explain how you would use technology to increase the level of customer service in your business.  (min. 200 words).
  6. List three specific techniques you would use to encourage customer loyalty in your business.  Explain why you feel these techniques would work.  (min. 400 words).
  7. List what you believe are the three most important elements of exceptional customer service and explain your reasoning.  (min. 400 words).

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