Chronic disease management program in poor controlled Diabetic patients

Assigment #1

– Identify a clinical problem in your nursing specialty area and develop a PICOT question –→ (my PICOT) In poor controlled diabetes’ patient managed in primary care settings, how does an implementation of a chronic disease management program versus every six month follow up visits impact glycemic values.

– Please using APA format to write this assignment following the instructions below. Use 3 pages not including references .

a) Provide background information to illustrate why this is a clinical problem.
a. Define the clinical problem (e.g., disease (DM), adverse outcome, behavior, etc.)
b. Who is affected by this problem ( In numbers how many people affected by DM )
c. What is the magnitude of the problem (e.g., how many people are affected by poor uncontrolled DM the problem each year)
d. What interventions/strategies are available to address the problem(uncontrolled DM )
e. Why is a research synthesis needed
b) Put your problem into an answerable (PICOT) question. I already developed my PICOT question .


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