CIvil Engineering- Design Assignment

A simply supported beam spans 6m and has a uniformly distributed factored action
of 125kN/m applied over its full length. The beam is fully restrained on its top flange
by a 150mm thick reinforced concrete slab.
You are required to:
1) Calculate bending moment and shear forces, design values.
2) Size the steel preliminarily.
3) Calculate the cross-section classification of your assumed steel section.
4) Check the bending and shear resistance of the section.
5) State whether the section is adequate or not.
Q2: Section Design [50%]
A fully lateral restrained 457×191×98 UB section is designed to carry a combined
major axis bending moment and an axial force. Grade of steel is S275.
You are required to:
1) Calculate and determine the cross-section classification under pure
2) Determine the maximum bending moment that can be carried by this
457×191×98 UB section in the presence of an axial force of 400kN.

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