Civil Liability

Civil Liability Paper instructions:
Readings:  Chapter Eleven of “Police: An Introduction” Dropbox: 20 points possible. Read your assigned chapter, readings and the assigned videos.  Examine & discuss controlling police through litigation including but not limited to: Section 1983, vicarious liability, different types of immunities, and can the police sue back?  Students need to include additional important information from the textbook and research references. *You will be expected to complete a two-page (minimum), double-spaced essay on an assigned research topic.  Meeting the two-page minimum is insufficient if the topic is not property addressed.  At least two research references must be included  (some assignments may require more than two research references) and they should be in APA format.  Research sources must also be properly cited in the body of your essay and the citations must match the listed references and vice versa.

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