Climate Impacts

Never use quotes, summarize an idea and cite it.
Naturally the Earth’s climate has changed from periods of extreme heat to ice ages. This happens on a geologic time scale (millions and billions of years). With global climate change (GCC) and the increase of GCC gasses we are seeing these changes at an expedited rate. Some areas are becoming dryer and others wetter. Read this link:


Give a brief summary of the webpage (5-6 sentences)
How might changes like this impact photosynthesis (Ch. 7), look through the book and review CAM/C4/C3 plants. Give specifics as how those might be impacted. Be detailed and base your information on biology.
Give at least one example of how other organisms (non-plant) be impacted. Things to think about are habitat ranges, water access (cellular respiration), predator/prey interactions and so on.


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