1. Please remember when viewing the production to leave your senses open to the experience and don’t concern yourself with copious note taking. The production will effect you in one way or another, and you will be surprised to find out how easily the reasons for your impressions will come back to you.2. BEGINNING -Open the paper with an introduction (1/2 page, max!) that identifies the play, the playwright, producing body, date, etc. At this point you may want to include a statement presenting your overall impression of the production.

3. MIDDLE – For the main body of the paper, discuss the acting, directing, design and technical elements as they relate to the production based upon:

a. What do you believe that the play is about?
b. How did the above mentioned elements reinforce or detract from the production.
c. In all cases make sure that you cite specific examples from the production, and most importantly, state why any of the aspects of the production were significant. There is no right or wrong to your critique, as long as you intelligently use your information and reinforce your position with reasons


4. END – Finally, write on final short paragraph to sum up your ideas and close the paper.

REMEMBER – you DO NOT need information from outside sources for your paper – just watch the show, take a few notes at intermission and after the show, and USE YOUR PROGRAM so you can name names.

PLAY that the paper is supposed be written on is CLOUD NINE.

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