Collective Bargaining agreements under the UAE Labour Law




The UAE are meeting with other Gulf nations to discuss issues surrounding the formation of trade unions following a number of high profile strikes at construction sites in Dubai that have cast worldwide attention on the plight of laborers working in the emirate.

What are collective agreements? How does collective bargaining work? What are advantages and disadvantages of collective bargaining? How will the parties under the current UAE Labour Law settle their collective work disputes, taking into account that UAE continues to ban trade unions? Do you think that UAE should in the foreseeable future have a Trade Union Law that would give freedom to unions and their members to collectively bargain and take action to support their interests?





How will the essay be assessed?


This should provide an abstract/ summary of all the issues you wish to discuss in the body of the essay.

This is your roadmap to the essay. It tells the examiner where you are going and how you plan to get there.


Body of essay:

Discuss one after the other the issues you have already identified in the introduction.

You should divide the body of the essay into sub-sections as you deem appropriate.



This should be a summary of the issues you have discussed in the body of the essay.

An essay without a conclusion is like an unfinished painting.




Support you discussion with:

Academic authorities – i.e. textbooks, articles, etc (Suggested10-15 references).


Academic discipline:

Writing a good essay involves knowing what to include and what to leave.

All sources quote/cite must be acknowledged and fully referenced.

Plagiarism/copying other people’s work will be detected and punished with a zero, and possibly expulsion.


Analysis and evaluation:

How you have analysed and evaluated the subject-matter of the essay.

How much you know and understand the subject-matter.

How you have applied legal, academic and judicial sources.

How you structured and presented the essay.

A judgment as to the overall value of the final outcome, and its relative welfare gains when compared to alternative outcomes that might have been reached.




Each essay should be 1.5 lines, 12 font, 1 inch margins. Please have a cover page with your name, course name/professor’s name, and date. The body of the paper should be approximately 14 – 16 pages (Excluding cover and bibliography).


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