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I strongly believe that my talents stand in the creative arts and design department. One of my most significant career goals is that when a crowd walks by a certain design line of mine, they would recognize and love my work followed by my name. My goal career is to be the creative arts director for a certain company that lets each of the employee to express freely with the style they love. I want to say I want to be a confident arts director who can make the visual works of the world be affordable and available, convenient, simple, and attractive to a vas amount of people. To be able achieve my goals of becoming a designer that everyone loves, I am aware that I need to know what people pour their interests in. I believe that Visual Communication Design major would not only teach me countless different ways to grab people’s attention, but also at the same time, have the design still be a part of you. I am beyond thankful that I get to experience and dream about my goals that can really impact people around the world with accessibil


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