These short assignments are designed both to encourage you to keep up with the assigned readings and to provide an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the course material. In order to receive full credit, the student must read all of the chapters listed for that week, but only summarize TWO (2) chapters per week. It is the student’s choice what chapters to cover. Each chapter requires AT LEAST two pages per chapter and each chapter should be separated by text and chapter name. Each chapter requires its own analysis. You will incorporate points from the text (cited correctly) with your own understanding of the text. You will NOT cite the text verbatim. This will result in an automatic failure of the assignment.

MATERIALS: “Gender, Race, and Class in Media: A Critical Reader,” 4th Edition (2015), Gail Dines and Jean M. Humez. ISBN #: 978-1452259062P(5.u)

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