Comparative Analysis

Comparative Analysis

English and Literature

Paper instructions:
You will compose a critical comparative analysis of three short stories (fiction or non-fiction).

Your comparative analysis must be 2000-2500 words.

Choose three short works (Fiction/Non-Fiction) from a book.

•You may choose all three stories and they are up to you. However, these stories should not be all by the same author. Also, try to avoid using the same types of stories, ie. three children’s stories; three murder mysteries by the same authors; three fairy tales, etc. You may have challenges coming up with ideas to compare/contrast.
•This story can be on any topic, but try to choose something that you are interested in.
•The stories you choose should be from a published book as it makes it easier for you to do your citations. YOU ARE NOT permitted to use a story that is just off the Internet. It must be something that has page numbers and is from an anthology or collection of stories.
•I would prefer that you use a printed source, but you can use an ‘e-book/story’, but please make sure that there are page numbers and publishing information given.
•I suggest that you avoid using the Short Fiction text
These works do not have to have similarities, but it is recommended that you bear this in mind because the assignment is to relate the stories to each other. You can choose different types of sources, but you should only have ONE of each kind.

This is just another type of critique; the only difference is that you will not be providing individual critiques on each of the stories. You will need to focus choose topics for which you would like to discuss how each story relates to those specific points. For example, you can consider:

Ex. How do the works compare in terms of subject, purpose, context, style, time period, etc. and how do they differ?
You can provide a short summary for each story; however, I advise that you provide the summary as a blend within the points you would like to discuss. You should not critique each story individually but rather focus on critiquing points that you can compare and contrast.




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