compare and contrast my american culture growing up on hilton head island, SC to the Gullah culture

compare and contrast my american culture growing up on hilton head island, SC to the Gullah culture Sociology 101 – Research Assignment
Considering Other Cultures
Due: October 22 This assignment requires each student to analyze and apply sociological concepts to an article, of their choosing, related to a culture that they identify as different from their own. Students can select the article from the suggested sources listed below or other reputable sources. Do not use propaganda-based sources for information.Consider the questions listed below as you complete your research assignment. Also read the requirements below carefully related to formatting, etc. Note: Make sure to choose an article that is sufficient enough in length and information for you to complete this assignment in its entirety. The chart below provides you with a rubric of how the papers will be graded. There are 20 points possible for this assignment. Use this rubric as a guide as you construct your paper. Remember that this is NOT a personal opinion paper, but rather a research assignment. Papers should outline how the culture discussed in the article relates to the student’s culture, and tenants are central to the culture within the article. Answer the following questions as your write and use them to guide your discussion of your article. You do not have to write solely about these questions, but make sure you answer these questions thoroughly: Questions: 1. What culture is exemplified in the article? Describe it. Who are those that live within the bounds of this culture – those of a particular religion, race, and geographic territory?
2. How does this culture compare to your own? Explain your own and then explain the differences. Do the differences overwhelm you or they more subtle? Explain.
3. Read (or re-read) in your text book about norms. What might be some norms within this culture that might seem unusual outside of this culture?
4. What sociological terms that we have already learned this semester are most applicable to what you read and your own consideration of this article? How might you apply them?

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