Compare and contrast the development of government in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, America and China

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You are required to submit at the end of the semester, an extended essay of 10-15 pages in length on the following topic:

Compare and contrast the development of government in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, America, and China during the period covered in your textbook.

Major themes you should focus on are:

Political structure
Administration of authority, control and public policy
Law and constitutionality
Domestic and international relations

Your discussion should take into account the political evolution of the major states involved, paying attention to the development of political systems, institutions, policies and alliances. You should also trace the effect that these developments had on populations, economies and institutions in other parts of the world (for example, include in your analysis how the Middle East and the former Western colonies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America were impacted over time by this evolution).

Major historical developments you should feature in your essay on politics are:

the expansion of European civilization and imperialism
the rise of communism and anti-imperialism
the evolution of major world powers
the collapse of communism
Europe after the Cold War

Point out the relevance of the developments you examine to Western Civilization today.

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