Comparing your commercial to your company's mission statement

Watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. Pay attention to the ads running throughout the entire game. Select one commercial that you believe is exceptionally strong or weak. Also research your company’s missions statement online. Comparing your commercial to your company’s mission statement, answer the following questions:

1.Define the target audience for your ad?

2.What is the commercial’s primary message?

3.Is your ad relevant to this target audience? Explain your answer.

4.Does your commercial reinforce your company’s mission? If so how, or how not? Be specific.

Note: you can usually find and view your selected commercial on You Tube, or the company’s own web site as well as during the actual game itself. As a matter of fact some companies have already posted their teasers/commercials online.
Be prepared to share your work in class on Monday, and turn in for creditp(1s)

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