Comprehensive Examination

GENERAL INSTRUCTION: Each student is required to do the following:

Answer all the THREE Questions, referencing at least two chapters of the main text in this class in your response to each question.

Base your in-text citations and references on the APA format.

Do not use quotations.

Use your own words to express your response to each question

Use question numbers (1, 2, and 3) to label your responses.

Do not include the question wording in your paper.


Question 1: In at least 800 words, critically describe and justify how either TANF in the United States or Saudi Arabia’s incapacity benefit program relates to the labor market.

Question 2: In at least 800 words, critically justify the ideological context of social policy in the United States or in Saudi Arabia.

Question 3: In at least 800 words, critically describe the causes of homelessness United States or tribalism in Saudi Arabia why it has not fueled recent policy changes.


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