Computer Architecture

Preparation: Pretend that you are preparing to purchase a new computer or laptop. Consider the intended use of the machine and complete an initial post based on the following:

  • Review ads for computers or laptops that appeal to you from various magazines, newspapers, and/or online sources, and list the key terms.
  • Research the terms that you may not fully understand and prepare a brief explanation of each term listed from the advertisement.
  • In your explanations, indicate which terms refer to hardware and which terms refer to software.
  • Determine which two or three terms are the most important in your purchase decision and write a brief explanation of your “critical” component choices and why they are so influential.

Initial Post: *Scaled to 10 Points

(* Final score out of 20 is multiplied by 10: 20/20 = 10/10, 19/20 = 9.5/10, etc.)

  • Post your findings in the discussion forum as described in the Preparation (above) to the discussion forum.
    • (3 Points) List of key terms
    • (4 Points) Explanation of key terms
    • (2 Points) Distinction as to which refer to hardware and software
    • (5 Points) Identification of “critical” choices with rational
  • (3 Points) Post a copy or a link to your advertisement(s) in the discussion, and also upload a copy to the associated assignment in the Assignment List
  • (3 Points) Create and post a bibliography reference for your advertisement, and at least two additional references for sources used to research the terms of the ad. At least one of the two additional resources must be a source other than the course textbook.


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