Computer sciences and Information technology IT Leader

Computer sciences and Information technology
IT Leader
1. Critique the statement “IT management is about management”. What does this mean to you? 2. On p. 11, Barton reads a contention that “no other department interacts with as many different parts of the business as IT”. What do you think? 3. What are the primary contributors to the “capability gap” discussed on pp. 12-13? What makes the gap so difficult to bridge? How do tacit and explicit knowledge relate? 4. Consider the discussion on the recent history of the CIO position. Is there any other managerial position that has exhibited this much dynamism? 5. What do the IVK Corp. exhibits (1-1 through 1-6) tell you about the current state and recent trends of the company? Given this, what does IVK need from its new CIO?

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