.Concept Development

The purpose of this project is for the student to establish an ancillary services budget, review financial reports, demonstrate an ability to follow accounting procedures, and to develop a control system for a sports, entertainment or event management food and beverage operation.

Students may base this project on an existing sports stadium or arena; concert amphitheater; performing arts center; or a convention center; however, the facility must have a new name. Each of these venues has a variety of food and beverage service options. The project should focus on one specific type of food and beverage service for one specific type of SEE venue. For example, a stadium may have a restaurant, a private club, concessions, and luxury suites; however, the project should focus on just one of these areas of operations. Choose one area in one type of SEE venue and fully develop the concept. The food and beverage control system you develop will include concept, menu and cost control components.


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