Conflict Perspective and School Dropouts

The main objective of this research project is to provide students with an opportunity to analyze a particular social problem or social issue related to education of their choice from a specified theoretical perspective. It is designed to reinforce the basic subject matter of sociology, clarify theoretical perspectives and help students synthesize and integrate theory and research.

1) Introduction: Briefly summarize your chosen theoretical
perspective’s main ideas and focus. This simply means
the Basic Domain Assumptions of the theoretical perspective

2) Assuming you are a theorist from this chosen theoretical
perspective, how would you explain the social problem or
issue your have chosen? You must clearly identify the social
problem or issue, specify the “Why” question, the hypothesis,
dependent & independent variables and answer the “why”
question fully and in detail

3) Your assessment or appraisal of the perspective’s
contribution to our understanding of the social problem or issue.
This involves identifying strengths and weaknesses of the
perspective’s answer to the “Why” question in item 2 above

4) State if you agree or disagree with the theoretical perspective’s
answer to the “Why” question in item 2 above and why

5) Conclusion: State something new you learned in analyzing this
particular social problem or issue from this theoretical perspective

6) Language and Systematic and Orderly Presentation of ideas

7) Proper Acknowledgment of Sources of your Ideas

8) Sufficient and Adequate, Relevant References or Bibliography


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