Content / Marketing strategy insurance company Anderzorg (Netherlands) for 2017

company Anderzorg and their campaigns throughout the last three years in the Netherlands. What (and why) were the key success points of these campaigns and what should be taken into account for the 2017 campaign of the company. Further on I will explain more about the company (see attached documents), the campaigns of the recent years and what I think should be the main lead throughout this research.

This research is a qualitative research, aimed to identify the key success points of recent campaigns of Anderzorg and give advice for the upcoming year. This research I need to do in order to graduate from a Media & Entertainment studies in The Netherlands. The first draft is due the 8th of may. Feedback will be received on the 15th. The final thesis should be handed in on the 23th of May. I would like to ask you, my personal hero from now on, to guide me through this process.

Currently I am doing my graduation internship at advertising agency XXS Amsterdam. My assignment is to write an in company thesis. Something of which the company can benefit. One of the clients of XXS is Anderzorg. The reason I’ve chosen Anderzorg as the main topic is the interesting transformation they’ve gone through over the last three years. I will explain this later on. For now, it’s handy to know A LOT of information is available already. As an advertising agency, all campaigns over the last years have been monitored. Facts and figures have been established, analyses have been made and handy presentations were created at the start of each new campaign. This of course comes in handy when writing 😀
Anderzorg (Netherlands) for 2017


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