cooperate social responability


Assessment Title: Company analysis (play a role as professional CSR consultant reporting to board of directors)

Topics : CSR External analysis

Word length  : 2000

Reference style: APA Style

No of Reference: 22 quality references

Company:  BHP Billiton or Rio tinto 


Task Description

Most medium to large organisations ( BHP or RIOTINTO) already have clearly defined structures and internal polices and procedures in place. Concepts such as developing ethical cultures and engaging with stakeholders in the context of corporate social responsibility and sustainability have been relatively recent developments. For the most part organisations need to design these ethical systems and processes to fit existing organisation contexts. However, the majority of organisations lack the expertise and capability to design and implement the appropriate ethical, CSR and Sustainability strategies.


The approach to be taken for this assignment is for students to form a group of between 2-3 members and assume the roles of ethics and Integrity consultants. Each group is to select a company or organisation ( BHP OR RIOTINTO)  with which they are familiar or have access to. The company selected must be sufficiently large so as to have ethical, CSR or sustainability polices and procedures most of which would be available through company websites or publications. The selection of the organisation is to be approved by the class facilitator to insure appropriateness and avoid duplication.


As consultants students are to conduct either an external analysis that examines the basis for engagement with external stakeholders.

The external analysis is to focus on the organisation’s approach to CSR or Sustainability. In either case the group needs to identify key stakeholders and assess how the organisation engages with stakeholder to address CSR or Sustainability issues.


1.The task requires the group to utilise literature a range of models and frameworks identified in the course, and establish an analytical framework of better practice model or external (CSR and or Sustainability) engagement. This section is essentially a literature review with a clear outline of the model or framework and supporting literature regarding each of the components.

  1. The group is then to describe the organisation’s approach, contrast this against the better practice framework and identify those areas that the organisation is meeting better practice and those where it needs to improve and recommendation comparing with other company how successful are they with on the context ( company weakness and strength)


  1. A series of supported recommendations with strong proof in which company should focus on are the to be made prior to drawing a conclusion.


The written report must not exceed 2000 words in length and is due at 6 pm on the Friday of week 13 and is worth 20%.


This assessment tasks specifically addresses the course learning objectives 5 “discuss the management of business ethics within an organisation and explore the role of tools such as Codes of Conduct, Risk Management frameworks and gift policies in assisting such management; and course objective 6 “demonstrate commonly accepted professional ethical standards in the work place and in your behaviour toward others”.

Assessment Criteria

Written  for Report


  1. Clear and effective report structure including introduction, theoretical framework (literature review) company analysis, gap identification, recommendations and conclusion.

2.The use of theory and literature that relates to ethical culture, csr or sustainability as a framework for analysis.

3.The use of a minimum of 22 quality references made up of recommended text and academic journal articles so as to demonstrate breadth and quality of research.

  1. The use of the APA in text referencing system to correctly cite academic sources.



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