Corporate Communication

Assignment 1

Course Title: Corporate Communication


Prepare and deliver a presentation regarding the objective of business communication and how to

achieve these objectives by using different medium.

You should:

  • Describe the potential objectives of business and professional presentation
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of different media (Posters, emails, meeting assemblies, etc.)
  • Discuss the role of speech and body language in face-to-face communication


  • 1x Presentation (Power Point Slides & script for presentation) (circa 15 minutes)
  • 1x executive summary duly referenced; minimum 4 sources (circa 400 words)

Assessment Criteria

3 Plan effective business and professional communication

3.1 Plan the objectives of business and professional communication

3.2 Critically present information, both orally and in writing from a range of academic and other sources.

3.3 Critically evaluate appropriate media for business communication

4 Create professional business presentations

4.1 Plan effective oral presentations using IT and other related resources

4.2 Demonstrate the role of body language and manners of speech in effective presentations

4.3 Deliver presentations for a range of audiences

 Context of Course

  • What is Communication
  • Dimensions of Communication
  • The Process of Communication
  • Intrapersonal Communications
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Group Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Aristotle’s Model & Laswell’s Model
  • Shannon & Weaver’s Model and Osgood & Schramm’s Circular Model
  • Newcomb’s Model and Gerbner’s Model
  • Media in Contemporary India
  • Traditional Medias
  • Effects of Media on Society, Determinates of Media Influence
  • Two-step Flow theory, Diffusion of Innovations, Dependency theory
  • Uses and Gratifications Theory, Cultivation Theory
  • Mass Audiences
  • Communications for Development
  • Media and Social Issues
  • Media and Education
  • Role of Media in Science and Technology
  • Media & Woman
  • Media and Violence (Especially Television)
  • Media & Children
  • Media & Politics
  • Environmental Journalism.


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