Corporate Social AuditCISCO

Topic: Corporate Social Audit–CISCO You will perform an ethics audit on a company: CISCO. The task is to discover as much about the company’s ethics policy and programs as possible, research any recent court cases over ethical issues, and evaluate the effectiveness of their program using standards discussed in Chapters 8-9. A written report will be submitted and should be no longer than 10 double spaced pages (not including appendices) with an Executive Summary and Reference List giving full credit to research sources, and the three sections listed below. This assignment can be done individually or as a team. Format for Written Social Audit (See Chapter 9 for details) 1. Scope of the Audit. In this section, define the scope of the audit process, including subject matter areas important to the ethical audit. So for your company you would want to look at issues and risks particular to that industry to help you decide what is important. 2. Relevant Information. For each of the designated subject matter identified in scope (#1), read what is covered in the company’s audit and then also do a search for external information about the company (news releases, legal cases, etc.) Is the company’s statement of their ethics consistent to the information you find from external sources? How reliable are your sources? How recent are they? 3. Findings: How well is this company doing in terms of its Social Audit? Compared with the criteria you established from your reading in Chapter 8 & 9, how well is this company doing in terms of its social audit and what, if anything, might you recommend for continuous improvement?

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