Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – BankWest Case Study

The task is for students to demonstrate their understanding of the topic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) using a case study.

Assessment Objectives:

  • To examine how CSR initiatives can serve as a vehicle for developing overall business goals
  • To judge the value of CSR and determine its place in today’s business operations

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply critical thinking, both conceptualization and evaluation, to a range of business scenarios and issues;
  • Incorporate personal ethics and social responsibility into business analysis and decision making.

Provide an analysis on BankWest’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Respond to the following:

  1. What is the purpose of business?
  2. Should companies become involved in Corporate Social Responsibility? Provide reasons and other working examples.
  3. What other Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives could BankWest undertake? Provide a short justification for each initiative.
  4. Is Corporate Social Responsibility in banking a viable business strategy or is it just a fad? Adopt a critical approach here-question the whole concept of CSR.

Consider these broad headings:


  • Develop a company-wide environmental policy?
  • Conduct a company-wide environmental risk assessment?


  • Undertake a pay equities investigation to determine if men and women working in the same role at the bank receive the same pay.


  • Establish BankWest as an arranger of finance for renewable or ‘green’ energy projects in Australia.


  • Build the profile of the Foundation by setting up a program where staff can provide approved pro-bono work to support Foundation partners eg IT can help build a website; marketing can help write a marketing plan; legal can read over some contracts…

Is Corporate Social Responsibility in banking a viable business strategy or is it just a fad?

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