Ecology is the interaction of a living organism with the biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors in the environment. Using your knowledge about the organism, observe the organism and document in multimedia formats its ecology. Document how the lives, works (gains energy), and generally interacts with the environment. Potential methods of documentation include photography, video, and audio recording. Presentation Details: Animalia 1. Organism Introduction- What are the common and scientific names of the organism? Where specifically was the organism observed (e.g., country, city, state, park, body of water)? Why did you choose this organism? If possible and preferably, include a picture of yourself in the field where you safely studied your organism. 2. Foraging Ecology- How does the animal obtain its food? For this observation, you will document specific aspects of feeding ecology. Some examples would be the type(s) of food, the amount of food, the temporal pattern of feeding, and specific handling or processing of food items by the organism (e.g., a squirrel manipulating an acorn). 3. Reproductive Ecology- How does the organism reproduce? For this observation, you will document specific aspects of reproductive ecology. Some examples include categories such as reproductive strategies (e.g., release of gametes by a fish; hermaphroditic reproduction in earthworms; copulation in bonobos); mate choice, mating displays, mate competition, and mating systems. 4. Habitat- How does the organism live? For this observation, document the type of habitat(s) it is found in. Document any types of shelter or bedding area such as nests, burrows, beds, etc. 5. Other Behaviors- What are other behaviors the organism exhibits? For this observation, you will document other forms behavior. Some examples would be light sensitivity, tactile sensitivity, parental care, group formation, kin helpers, defense, territoriality, and cooperation.

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