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Alex is a Vietnam Veteran. He has been attending the government counseling clinic for some years with his wife and children due to his deteriorating mental health and drinking problems. His wife Felicity has tried hard to stay with him knowing that somehow he is a good man, but that he has some ‘demons’ from the war that he hasn’t been able to sort out. Alex has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He rides a Harley Davidson and wears his hair long and has leathers which are branded proudly with symbols and slogans about Vietnam.
He has a hearing problem now as well as a mental health issue and problems with his stomach and digestion. He also has suspected bowel cancer which is worrying his wife and children. They have grandchildren now too.
Alex has never ever been able to tell anyone all of the things he experienced in Vietnam as it was too traumatic for him to describe these events. He continues to drink heavily, won’t take anti-depressant medication although it has been prescribed many times, and is actually terrified about going to hospital to have an operation to explore his bowel issue. This is causing a lot of arguments with his wife and children.
He has decided that the other counseling service is not helping him and has come to you because his wife is nagging him to get help.
Apply specialist interpersonal and counseling interview skills
For the Interview script carefully read the scenario. The script should be in full sentences or ‘dialogue’, clear and logically presented as you would say it to the client.
Write a script of what you will say to gently confront Alex about the issues which are dangerous for him and hurting his relationships.
Using the headings, you should address each of Alex’s health issues.
Use your imagination and include one or two anticipated objections from Alex and how you would deal with this.

Mental health
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Hearing difficulties
Stomach and digestion problems
Suspected bowel cancer

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