CPG 1,

Chapter #:  ______________                        Chapter Title:  _______________________________________

  1. The main purpose of this material (chapter, article, book, video, etc.) is………………


(State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose for this material.  What was the author trying to accomplish?)


  1. The key question addressed in this material is………………


(If not specifically addressed, figure out the key question or problem that was in the mind of the author when the material was developed.  In other words, what key question or problem is addressed?)


  1. The context of this material is…………


(Identify the political, economic, social, historical, etc., background surrounding this material.  This may include information on the existing knowledge on the subject and gaps in our existing knowledge.)


  1. The most important information in this material is…………………


(Identify the key information the author used to support his arguments/analysis.  Identify the facts, data, evidence, experiences, etc., the author uses to reach their findings.)


  1. The main point(s) of view presented in this material is/are…………


(Identify the author’s view of the topic?  Points of view can be theoretical, ideological, religious, methodological, etc., and usually play a large part in determining the main assumptions (next item addressed.)


  1. The main assumption(s) underlying the reasoning in this material is/are……….


(Identify the generalizations the author does not think must be defended in the material.  Assumptions are seldom specifically identified by authors.  This is usually where the author’s reasoning begins.)




  1. The key concept(s) in this material is/are…………….


(Identify the most important ideas, theories, definitions, etc., used to support the author’s logic and reasoning.)


Note:  This section will likely be the longest in any set of notes as it is where all the key definitions, theories, models, etc., presented in the work should be summarized. Approach this section as if was to become your only study guide for the material in this reading assignment or if you were asked to teach the entire class the material in this reading assignment.


  1. The alternative(s) considered in this material is/are…………


(Identify the alternative answers to the key question or alternative solutions to the problem at issue the author included in the reasoning.)


  1. The main inferences and/or interpretations of this material are………..


(Identify the most important findings and conclusions the author presents in the material). 



  1. If the author’s line of reasoning is taken seriously, the implications and consequences are……


(Identify the implications and consequences if the author’s findings and conclusions are taken seriously.  Identify those both the author states and those not stated.)


  1. If the author’s line of reasoning is not taken seriously, theimplications and consequences are……..


(Identify the implications and consequences likely to follow if people ignore the author’s findings and conclusions.)


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