Create an audience profile

Briefly explain what you have decided your audience KNOWS about your issue, what their ATTITUDE (disposition) is toward your issue, and any particular DEMOGRAPHICS that are relevant. Reference the questions in the PowerPoint on "Audience Analysis" to help you get started.
Finally, explain how you plan to target this above audience using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.
How will you establish your credibility on the issue? (Ethos)
How do you plan to appeal to their emotional side? (Pathos)
What logical appeals might work best for this audience? (Logos)
Note: Your audience profile is entirely up to you; it’s who YOU choose to target and try to persuade. It’s NOT who you think may read your argument. It’s never simply "the opposing side". As the PowerPoint on "Audience Analysis" shows you, you must think about how much your audience KNOWS, what their ATTITUDE (disposition) might be toward your issue, and any particular DEMOGRAPHICS that may play a role.


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