Create documentation for project with the 5 phases

A large portion of this paper has already been written; some sections are still required, while integrating what I have written with it. Attached you will find my paper, with highlighted areas that require work and a list of what needs to be added (as well as another file that contains a better explanation of the required work, instead of a bullet list). Please keep in mind that my paper has the requirements within its own sections, which should not be kept as it was how I organized my ideas; the full paper should be in sections of the phases (i.e. Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, and Closure).

Please keep in mind that while I have already met the 15 page max, a lot of editing and extra information is required, along with still needing 2 graphs to add to the appendix. If it turns out that more than 5 pages was added to the paper (in terms of work) then please let me know so that I can pay for the additional work.


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