create scripts.

You have been hired as a system administrator for a small company. Your primary job responsibility is to maintain company servers named Serv1 and Serv2.
The following tasks have to be performed every day and you would like them automated.
Display the System, Application and Security event viewer logs for both servers to make sure there are no Error or Warning messages that happened overnight.
Save the previous day’s Error and Warning events from the 3 event logs from each server. All tracked events for each server should be stored in a single file in the folder C:logfiles. I.e. this file should contain 3 sections, labeled "System", "Application" and "Security", with each section representing the referenced event log data. The files should be named EventLogsServY-XX, where Y is the Server number and XX should be replaced by today’s date.
After you review the logs file, you may wish to have it backed up for archival purposes to a USB external drive and delete the original file from the C:logfile folder. Since you may only do this in special cases, you do not know ahead of time the UNC path to the backup folder. You wish to create a script automate this task by completing the following steps in a script.
Copy the EventLogsServY-XX files to a backup drive. The exact name of the EventLogsServY-XX file, the drive letter and location of the backup file should be user input variables at the time the script is executed. The script should also ask, if there are more files to be backed up and exit only if there are no more files to be backed up.
After the EventLogsServY-XX files have been backed up, the original files located on the C:logfiles folder should be deleted.
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