Prepare a paper that details your home state’s approach to sexual predators. Address following items in your paper: YOUR HOME STATE THAT YOU WILL WE WORKING ON IS OHIO in U.S.A.; Note: If you cannot locate your state’s statutes, please research Florida’s.; YOU ARE TO COMPLETE ALL AREAS OF THIS ASSIGNMENT THOROUGHLY….; Explain your home state’s laws that prohibit conduct that would be considered predatory.; Analyze the classification of the crimes and punishments (misdemeanors or felonies).; Describe the types of punishments (mandatory or discretionary).; Based on the statutes you researched, evaluate whether mere solicitation of improper activities is enough for a prosecution or whether there must be physical contact to gain a conviction.; Analyze the statutes and their varying sentencing severity on sexual predators. Provide your opinion on the adequacy of the statutes.; This assignment must be FOUR FULL pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) DOUBLE SPACED….; MUST BE formatted according to APA style.; You must use at least four scholarly sources support your claims.; Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.;

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