crisis and disaster management

Tour: We will be visiting Johnson County Ambulance District. We will be visiting the JCAD Headquarters station, also called House 1. The address is 263 SE Business 13 Highway, just about 2.5 miles south of the UCM campus. Our host will be Division Chief Dustin Gamblin, EMT-P. The JCAD website is

Johnson County Ambulance District provides pre-hospital emergency medical services throughout Johnson County, MO. JCAD employs paramedics (EMT-P) and emergency medical technicians (EMT). JCAD offers EMT training during each Fall semester in conjunction with UCM’s Crisis and Disaster Management degree program, allowing students to earn 6 hours of academic credit.

Meet: We will meet in our classroom at 14:00. We will then match people up to the available vehicles and car pool to our destination. We will meet at JCAD Headquarters at 15:00 and you can expect the tour to last until 16:30.

Assignment: You should download the sample Tour Report (attached) before going on the tour. Become familiar with your writing assignment. Ask questions of your host if the area(s) are not covered by a presentation or discussion. The written Tour Report is due one week after the tour (Tuesday following tour, or August 29, 2017) at noon. Post your completed Tour Report in the Discussion Thread provided. Your completed Tour Report will be visible to your fellow classmates, so do your best work.


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