Critical analysis: Indigenous Australian Families in Health & Community.

Colonization has taken place in many parts of the world, and invariably has led to the dispossession of land and resources, breakdown of cultural and social structures and the deterioration in the health and wellbeing of indigenous peoples. The Faculty of Health considers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders health to be everyone’s business and recognizes the ongoing impact of racism and colonization on the health of Australian Indigenous people.

In this assignment, you will:
1. Choose one policy that has impacted on Aboriginal and Torres Strait families
and their health (such as Closing the Gap, the Northern Territory Intervention, the Stolen Generation). You are encouraged to discuss topics with the teaching staff.

2. Locate literature relevant to their chosen topic. You will be provided with some of these resources by the teaching staff, but are also required to locate further additional literature for your own use.

3. Prepare and submit a written essay that:
a. Identifies the policy and provides a sound rationale for the choice of
Policy for critical analysis

b. Critically analyses the identified policy in relation to families, social determinants of health, racism and colonization.

c. Develops recommendations for learning and professional practice.

d. Prepare and submit their assignment in accordance with Faculty requirements for presentation and referencing.


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