Critical reflection

Critical reflection
Critical reflection
You are required to keep a journal/notes of your reflections throughout (before, during, and after) the community service learning project, which might include: ideas about what you’re doing; how you’re doing it; the skills required to engage in and promoted by this activity; what you’re learning about politics and the political process (for example, individual political behavior, individual attitudes toward politics, the role of organizations, the nature of political processes, the impact of public policies), etc. You will need to submit a 3 (or more) page essay describing your reflections on your community service experience. Your reflection may include your reactions, feelings, observations, and ideas regarding your activity. At a minimum, the critical reflection should include: (1) a brief history/description of the organization that you are working for, its component parts, roles, activities, purposes, goals, the services it provides, etc.; (2) a description of the nature of volunteer experience, the skills you used and/or developed through your activities; and most importantly, (3) what you learned as a result of this process, about yourself, the organization, the political system, the political process, etc. In essence, you are asked to critically reflect on the experience, and your essay will be evaluated on how well you analyze the experience and how well you integrate what you’ve learned in the class with your community service project. The organization i have been woring as volunteer .This organization is totally free and open to everyone, you do not have to be us citizen.
I have been helping with staff activity stations,prep art projects, office duties, data entry and set up & and participate in outdoor activities.
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